I UK [nɜː(r)v] / US [nɜrv] noun
Word forms "nerve":
singular nerve plural nerves
1) [countable] one of the groups of fibres in your body that carry messages between your brain and the rest of your body, communicating pain, pressure, feelings of heat and cold etc

A pinched nerve is causing her a lot of pain.

cranial/peripheral nerves

2) nerves
[plural] a worried feeling that makes you afraid that you will not be able to do something well

There's nothing really wrong with her, it's just nerves.

a case of nerves (= an occasion when you feel very worried):

A case of nerves won't stop me from performing tonight.

calm someone's nerves:

He asked for a drink to calm his nerves before heading out to the plane.

3) [uncountable] the ability to control your fear and remain determined when you are doing something difficult or dangerous
a lot of nerve:

It took a lot of nerve for him to ask her out.

the nerve to do something:

After months of agonizing, she finally found the nerve to tell him he was wrong.

lose your nerve (= no longer be able to control your fear):

Suddenly I lost my nerve and I couldn't move.

4) [uncountable] a rude attitude, usually shown by behaviour that makes other people angry
a lot of nerve/some nerve:

You've got a lot of nerve, calling me at this time of night.

have the nerve to do something:

She had the nerve to call me a liar after everything I've done for her.

the nerve of someone (= used for showing anger or surprise at someone's rude behaviour):

The nerve of him, asking me for money!

touch/strike/hit etc a (raw) nerve — to say or do something that annoys or hurts someone because they are sensitive about it

His comment seemed to strike a raw nerve.

battle/war of nerves — a competition or fight in which someone tries to beat their opponent by making them worried or afraid

II UK [nɜː(r)v] / US [nɜrv] verb [transitive]
Word forms "nerve":
present tense I/you/we/they nerve he/she/it nerves present participle nerving past tense nerved past participle nerved
to make someone, usually yourself, feel strong enough to do something or ready to do it

Finally she nerved herself to go and talk to him.

English dictionary. 2014.

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